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Mold Removal Service in Berkeley

Many homeowners, in Barkley and elsewhere, know that uninvited guests often come to share their house with them. One such unwanted guest is mold. Mold can prove troublesome in residential properties as well as commercial properties or office buildings.

If you have ever had the misfortune of dealing with a mold infestation you probably know that this is an experience not to be repeated due to aesthetic issues and potential health implications.

This is why when the mold is detected or its presence suspected, immediate action should be taken to completely remove it whether on your own or with the help of a professional service provider such as Mold Removal Patrol.

How Best to Remove Mold?

There are times when mold can be dealt with on your own. When the infected area is relatively small or when the mold is young and has not had sufficient time to settle in, it can usually be quite simply and easily removed.

But when you find yourself facing one of the following situations, it is best to contact an expert service provider:

  • Collateral damage: sometimes mold can damage floors, wood panels, walls, doors, and the like. If you suspect this to be the case it can be dangerous attempting to deal with it on your own.
  • A full-blown infestation: if you have had mold grow for a lengthy period of time, or if a large area is infected you would be better off calling the pros. If you suspect there is mold in your HVAC system, this is also a case for professionals.
  • Personal issues: sometimes people do not feel up for the task of getting rid of mold on their own. This can be due to health limitations, aversion to mold, or any other reason. If that is the case you would be better off getting a professional to get the job done.

Mold Removal Patrol – Berkley’s Best Hope against Mold

For any mold-related issue please contact us at (510) 544-8390 and benefit from these important advantages:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Fully equipped teams
  • Safe and precise execution