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How Do I Know if There is Mold in My House?

Mold infestations can, at times, be quite visible and noticeable to the bare eye. When undetected by sight, mold sometimes can be detected due to unpleasant odors it releases into the air of the infected space. If mold cannot be detected with certainty by sight or by scent, but its presence remains nonetheless suspected, professional mold testing procedures can confirm its existence or negate it.

What Do I Do if I Find Mold in My Property?

Since mold does not only cause aesthetic problems but also causes potentially serious health implications such as allergies, worsening of asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and the like, it is crucial to deal with it swiftly and effectively.

Sometimes, when mold has not had sufficient time to further its reach, it can be easily removed. Amateurs can gear up with appropriate cleaning aids and eradicate it once and for all. However, if mold has infested onto large areas of the surface in your property, or in hard to reach places, such as HVAC systems and the like, it is advised to contract the services of a professional mold remediation service provider, like Berkley’s leading Mold Removal Patrol.

What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation, when it is properly executed like Berkley’s Mold Removal Patrol conducts it, is the process of identifying sources of mold growth in your property, and completely eradicating it. This means that a professional technician, or team of technicians, will arrive at your place, fully geared and ready for action. They will proceed to identify mold growth in your property and pinpointing its exact locations. Then, they will continue to cleaning it permanently up from walls, floors, doors, HVAC systems, panels, infrastructure, and any other place necessary.

Berkley’s Mold Removal Patrol’s Advantages

When you contact Mold Removal Patrol you enjoy these important advantages, like so many other Berkley residents:

  • Complete availability – 24/7/365 available call center
  • Professionalism – only the best men, only the best equipment

Whenever you find yourself in need of professional mold remediation services, contact us at (510) 544-8390!