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First Thing’s First, What Is Mold?

Plainly and shortly speaking, mold is a simple type of fungi. It can grow practically anywhere, whether indoors or outside, and in any season. Mold reproduces by forming spores. These spores also float through the air and are breathed by occupants of infested spaces. When people are exposed to mold spores over long periods of time, they are in risk of developing both light and serious health problems which vary in nature and severity but that have at least one thing in common – none of them is pleasant.

What Are The Effects of Mold on Our Health?

While some people do not develop any reaction whatsoever to mold, some may develop it following first contact, while others still may develop it after a prolonged exposure. Such health implications that can be linked to mold may include:

  • Allergic reactions that may include sneezing and fits of sneezing, a runny nose, coughing that does not subside, wheezing which makes breathing difficult, watery eyes, itchy or red eyes, any number of types of skin irritation or rash, and the like.
  • Asthma attacks in such individuals who already suffer from asthma and are sensitive to mold, or worse asthma attacks than before.
  • More serious reactions in people more susceptible to mold, such as a high fever, difficulty breathing, lung infections, and the like.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Such Health Risks?

The best way to prevent light or serious health risks due to mold exposure is to prevent its existence in the first place. The most effective way to do so is to control the levels of humidity in your property and to make sure it is aired out on a regular basis. However, sometimes mold succeeds in settling in, despite our best efforts, and makes us take a stand.

Since it’s practically impossible to know how mold will affect different people, it is best to eradicate it as soon as it’s detected or as soon as possible. While some people may feel nothing different than usual, others might immediately suffer severe allergies or other symptoms.

Good luck and good health!