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Protect Yourself During a Mold Inspection

We all know about residential mold accumulations which can cause serious structural problems to the house and serious health problems to those residing in it. These dangerous situations encourage us to seek for mold inspection technicians to come and perform a professional inspection, and to see if there is a possible mold infection in our home.
Unfortunately, some of these so-called service providers are less than truthful with home owners, and lie about their findings only to get paid. In this article we will recommend how to protect yourself during a mold inspection, and how to avoid such unfortunate scams.

False Solutions

When you call a service provider to check your home for mold accumulation it is best that you follow their inspection and suggestions, just so you will have the information to recheck and compare them with other experts. That way, you can see if the things being said and the treatment suggested are based on real solid facts, and not attempts to get into your pocket.

For example, one of the most common treatment solutions today to remediate mold infections is fogging. Fogging entails spreading toxic fumes that are supposed to kill the fungus in order to remove it completely from the walls or from any other part of the house. The main problem with toxic fumes is that they are also very dangerous for those breathing it.

Another example which should raise a red flag is if the inspector suggests tearing down your wall. If someone tells you that there is a large infection inside the wall, the relevant remediation strategy involves some more costly steps. Therefore, you should make absolutely sure that that is the case before giving the go-ahead to such treatment.


These mold scams don`t go without overwhelming numbers attached to the dollar sign. Do not forget to compare and ask for several professional opinions. It also does not hurt to catch up on some reading on your own to be better informed.

Furthermore, you should know that mold inspectors check for the presence of mold with an electronic indicator for humidity and heat- that is another tool you should look for during an examination. Finally, if the checkup is too short or if the inspector`s certifications seem unprofessional, like quick online training- that`s another brow raiser for you.

Good luck and stay sharp!