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Like anyone knows, a company’s greatest and most valuable asset is its people. This is why Mold Removal Patrol hires only the best professionals out there and keeps putting great effort into their continuous training in both professional aspects of the job as well as in-service awareness aspects of the job.

This is how we make sure you will get the perfect customer experience you deserve.

What Drives Us

We strive to make Berkley a safer, healthier, and more pleasant place to live and raise your kids by fighting off mold and its implications wherever we can, whenever we are needed. Being locally owned and managed, Berkley’s and Berkley’s residents’ well being is of the utmost importance to us.

Available Services

At Mold Removal Patrol you will be able to enjoy these professional services:

  • Mold Testing: professional and fully equipped teams that will come to your property and determine whether or not it is infested with mold, what its location, what type of mold it is, and everything worth knowing to completely eradicate it.
  • Mold removal and remediation: when you find mold in your house our teams will take care of business for you. After delivering a precise, thorough, and effective mold removal procedure with our state of the art equipment, all that will remain of the mold that once was in your house will be a distant memory.
  • Back mold removal: black mold can be toxic and very dangerous. Thus, it should be left to the care of trained and well-equipped professionals. Our experts will take care of any black mold issue for you and completely remove it.

Our Advantages

When you call Mold Removal Patrol you automatically enjoy these very important advantages:

  • 24/7/365 availability, any time day or night
  • Only professionals with nothing but the best, most sophisticated and advanced equipment
  • Nothing short of perfect solutions

Please feel free to contact our call center for any question, query, or need you might have. Simply call us at (510) 544-8390, because when it comes to your property you deserve only the best.