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Effective Mold Removal Services in Berkeley

Mold Removal Patrol is the number one go-to company of Berkeley residents when it comes to mold removal and quick solutions to effectively eradicate them from a home.

The formation of mold in a house can prove to be detrimental to someone’s health, especially if that someone is a newborn or an infant (or a toddler), or very old. It is during these age ranges that a person’s immune system is greatly at risk—either the immune system hasn’t been fully developed yet, or the immune system has weakened over time. Either way, those with vulnerable immune systems are most likely to be infected, and even healthy individuals can get sick from prolonged exposure to molds.

To avoid this health risk in the family, call Mold Removal Patrol now!

For mold removal services that are not only affordable but also efficient and adheres to the strictest health standards, call us now! We can easily reach anyone residing in the Berkeley area. Since we are always available to serve the local community of Berkeley, you don’t have to worry about call waiting or waiting too long for our team to arrive, regardless if it’s a scheduled appointment or call-in.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you schedule an appointment or call us for our services ASAP, the first thing we’d do is conduct an ocular throughout your entire house, gauge the extent of the mold and possible damage it has already caused to your pipes, fixtures, or basement—and from there, give you a rough estimate of how everything will cost. Of course, after we’re done we’d still have to reassess the full cost, including charges for everything we replaced using new materials. We’d gladly walk you through the entire removal process so as not to “shock” you of any additional charges or fees.

If you have any more questions about our services, call us now! Our phone line is open for any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns from our valued customers.

If you’ve recently availed of one of our services, call us now to give a review! We’d appreciate the help.

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